14 August, 2011

The Phantom 49: Maybe that masked man isn't dead.

This is a very curious thing about The Ghost Who Walks.
When he removes his disguise, he's wearing a cowl and a mask, a skintight bodysuit and twin guns...
His "disguise" is what makes him pass for one of us. "The Phantom" is who he really is.
He shares this topsy-turvy disguise characteristic with the Man of Steel. However, The Phantom was on the job before Superman made his first appearance, so he can lay claim to it.
Kent is admittedly a far more complex and resounding persona than Walker, but the similarity is there nevertheless.
And why is it so curious? The rest of the long-underwear heroes play dress-up to become their two-fisted alter egos; Superman and The Phantom already are who they are, and sometimes pass for one of us by dressing and acting as we do.

WRITER: Lee Falk
ARTIST: Ray Moore