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18 November, 2008

The Phantom 3: That's the only real magic.

Back in the bad old days, you see, two great tribes were at war. And to keep the peace all those years ago, The Ghost Who Walks (the present-day Phantom's father) ordered a betrothal, a union between the five-year-old daughter of the Wambesi chief and the five-year-old son of the Llongo chief.

During the ensuing fifteen years, the times, like the young prince and princess, were a-changing. Lloni the boy is sent off to a modern agricultural college on the coast, and Wamba the girl sits around eating and increasing in girth, as befits the daughter of a wealthy chief.

The trouble with this is that, while Wamba remains attuned to the old ways, Lloni has had more than one kind of education, hanging out at nightclubs, growing more worldly, and changing his appreciation of what constitutes an attractive female form.

Lloni literally runs a mile from Wamba, and his refusal to marry her is an insult to the Wambesi, threatening the peace between the jungle tribes.

Now The Phantom is forced to become involved. His attitute towards arranged marriages seems to have softened considerably since the prince and princess were children, and that is because, unbeknown to the tribespeople, this is the son of the man who ordered the betrothal all those years ago.

Wamba, anxious to win Lloni's affections, is determined to become more like the nightclub singer he is infatuated with. To this end, she puts herself in The Phantom's hands and believes his legendary magic will alter her appearance for the better.

She is in for a shock, however. Under the strict supervision of Tagi the Llongo warrior, Wamba of the Wambesi is forced to change the hard way. There is no let-up and there is no escape. And, over time, she is transformed.

All are amazed by the new Wamba, not least of all Wamba herself. However, perhaps most impressed is the faithful Tagi the warrior, as he gazes admiringly at his handiwork.

P.S. - So Wamba succeeded in winning the heart of Lloni her betrothed, and they were wed after all? Of course not! Wamba was now the one refusing to marry the son of the Llongo chief, and, while Prince Lloni ran back to his nightclub singer, Princess Wamba of the Wambesi became engaged to Tagi the Head Warrior of the Llongo, so all was saved and peace was maintained in the Phantom's jungle realm!

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Wilson McCoy

15 November, 2008

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06 November, 2008

The Phantom 2: Don't you think I'm pretty?

It's reassuring to know there is one man in the world who cannot be bamboozled by the fairer sex.

Of course, this girl Peg wasn't helped by the fact that The Phantom has eyes for only one woman, and that woman is Diana.

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Wilson McCoy

02 November, 2008