31 December, 2009

Aramoana and Heyward Point

A hike in mid-autumn this year, around Aramoana and Heyward Point, along the beach and into the hills to the cliffs.

Walking to the beach at Aramoana.

Large rock formations and the Peninsula beyond.

Heading up into the hills above the settlement. Nice and steep.

High in the hills, overlooking the ocean.

My view from the top of the cliffs, down along the beach to the Spit, and across the inlet to Taiaroa Head and the Peninsula.

24 December, 2009

The Phantom 29: Are you -- Santa Claus?

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Ray Moore

13 December, 2009


One of the buildings decorated with murals at the lovely little Balmacewen Intermediate School.

One of the many colourful wall panels. I'm betting this one depicts a tui.

06 December, 2009

The Phantom 28: I hate him more than you do!

Many a miscreant woman has found herself suffering from unrequited love for The Phantom...

Combined with male vanity, it usually means the chief villain cannot keep the Ghost Who Walks locked up for very long.

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Ray Moore

01 December, 2009

The Phantom 27: Past year recap.

The Phantom comic posts from the past year are listed here, along with the title of each story and original publication date.

The Phantom 1: Spank me if you dare!
The Governor's Family (1951)

The Phantom 2: Don't you think I'm pretty?
The Lady Luck (1948)

The Phantom 3: That's the only real magic.
The Betrothal (1959)

The Phantom 4: Now I think I know what bravery is.
The Movie Stars (1950)

The Phantom 5: They belong to all mankind.
Alexander's Diamond Cup (1970)

The Phantom 6: Make it eleven cows.
The Rope People (1951)

The Phantom 7: The dog goes with me.
Little Toma (1937)

The Phantom 8: Just going for a stroll.
Adventure in Algiers (1938)

The Phantom 9: Don't ever touch me again!
Return to Tarakimo (1978)

The Phantom 10: Let go of the lady.
The Bad Ones (1964)

The Phantom 11: Devil goes to work.
The Mysterious Girl (1939)

The Phantom 12: I was hired to work.
The Normal Life (1974)

The Phantom 13: A man with muscles of steel.
The Mysterious Girl (1939)

The Phantom 14: Is there trouble in here?
The Bike Gang (1972)

The Phantom 15: I never kid.
The Bike Gang (1972)

The Phantom 16: They mean business!
The Tiger Girl (1951)

The Phantom 17: It fits me perfectly!
The Female Phantom (1952)

The Phantom 18: What happened?
The Wharf Rats (1962)

The Phantom 19: Who are you?
The Singh Brotherhood (1936)

The Phantom 20: A real, man-sized wallop!
The Wild Girl (1945)

The Phantom 21: I'm more your size!
A Lesson For Prince Orq (1957)

The Phantom 22: A man... in the royal harem!
The Curse of the Sacred Image (1974)

The Phantom 23: Well done, O Ghost Who Walks.
A Lesson For Prince Orq (1957)

The Phantom 24: I'll throw him out myself.
The Mob (1954)

The Phantom 25: You lose.
Return to Tarakimo (1978)

The Phantom 26: A rose-covered cottage...
The Normal Life (1974)

23 November, 2009

Around and about in the last day or three

Springtime in my neighbourhood.

When I was a young kid, my Nana always used to have Maltexo in the cupboard for a treat, and didn't we grandkids just love it! You can still see it on the supermarket shelves today.

The reason Dunedin people are so fit.

Just an average Dunedin street, on the banks of a green hill...