18 July, 2010

Dunedin on the quick

A quick lunchtime walk in Dunedin... All you have to do is leave your building, pick a road that's heading uphill, and start walking...

Better head back now. The lunch break is nearly over. There's a trail over there to the right, descending through more forests and parks...

01 July, 2010

The Phantom 37: OK, GIRLS -- UNZIP!

The sirens of myth who lured sailors to their doom had nothing on these gorgeous mermaids, plying their trade in a modern shipping channel notorious for the mysterious disappearances of boats and men.

Unfortunately for this murderous bevy of beauties, Mr Walker is a passenger on the Belle of the Ball...

Entranced by strange music and female beauty, the captain wants to capture the mermaids, but The Phantom is only interested in solving the mystery.

Seeing through the ruse, the captain orders the ship back on course, but runs afoul of another trick, and the ship cracks up on a hidden reef.

"What they've got" is The Phantom, sworn nemesis of pirates -- no matter how seductive or beautiful!

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Ray Moore