07 January, 2011

Heights of the Valley

I always get a kick out of roaming in these hills.

This is an unusual entry for a blog about Dunedin and The Phantom, in that it features neither...

...but I stayed at my Dad's place over the Christmas and New Year break, so let's call this a holiday diversion, featuring Kaituna Valley in Canterbury.

Leaving home behind in the distance.

Crossing the river, getting my boots full of mucky water.

Charred remains.

The swampy watering hole.

A long and winding road.

Scarred earth.

Another bend in a steep and twisting climb.

Across the tops.

A panting dog, and the orchard far below.

The ups and downs of wild slopes.

Down into the green.

The loneliness of being unhitched and abandoned.

Home stretch.

And how is the intrepid hill-climber rewarded? With a taste of his Christmas present, of course... The superb Talisker scotch from the Isle of Skye.


  1. What a fantastic place to walk. I love the photos, looks like you had a great break.....but it would appear that you shrunk the dog in that water....or has the dog always been so little. :0)

  2. Dog? What dog??

    Hey, wait a minute... The guy at the pet store told me it was a hamster.

    Seriously, Nyle, you have never seen a more intrepid little creature than this dog. (My Dad's dog for many, many years.) She goes crazy if I take her walking in those hills. She runs everywhere, zips up those trails, clambers over rocks... Sometimes in the long grass she can't see a thing, but I can see this hairy shape cutting a swathe like a mini torpedo.