26 January, 2011

Long and Deep

If I ever need reminding that we in Dunedin live in a paradise, I only have to take a short drive along the road to one of my favourite places.

Lots of exploring for my wee girl to do....

That's Saddle Hill in the distance (upper right).

For someone like me, who loves climbing rocks, there are plenty of weirdly beautiful possibilities.

Breathe long and deep.... The air is so clean and alive.

Sometimes it's just safer if you hitch a ride with Dad.

(This last photograph by V.)

Brighton, Dunedin, New Zealand


  1. What a stunning spot! I love anywhere near the sea. The rock formations are amazing, I could spend hours clambering over them too.

  2. Hi, Nyle. I love to be near the sea too. The rock formations in and around Brighton are really unusual. I don't think there's anywhere else quite like it. I might do some research about the rocks for a future posting here. My Dad loved this coastline as a boy, and so did Grandad.

    Of course, if I see really big rocks, I have to climb them. A workmate of mine many years ago once had the temerity to refer to me as a mountain goat.

  3. I remember exploring among the rocks here as a child, what a great place! But when exactly was this perfect cloudless day - not this summer surely? Keep up the great work :o)

  4. The perfect cloudless day in question was around three weeks ago. A stunning morning.