21 December, 2010

The Phantom 42: Past year recap.

The Phantom comic posts from the past year are listed here, along with
the title of each story and original publication date.

The Phantom 28: I hate him more than you do!
The Return of the Sky Band (1941)

The Phantom 29: Are you -- Santa Claus?
Little Toma (1937)

The Phantom 30: A marvelous physique.
The Crooner (1944)

The Phantom 31: Our baby... a girl?
The Heirs (1978)

The Phantom 32: Meet me if you can.
Adventure in Algiers (1938)

The Phantom 33: Why didn't they say so?
The Thuggees (1949)

The Phantom 34: On guard, Devil.
The Frame-Up (1968)

The Phantom 35: An elemental force for good.
The Jungle Gang (2007)

The Phantom 36: I'm the champion of the world.
The Heavyweight Champion (1956)

The Phantom 37: OK, GIRLS -- UNZIP!
The Mermaids of Melo Straits (1945)

The Phantom 38: A month's rest in the hospital.
The Masked Marvel (1948)

The Phantom 39: We don't kill unless we have to.
Visit to Baronkhan (1983)

The Phantom 40: A stab in the back.
The Phantom Goes To War (1942)

The Phantom 41: I need a husband.
The Hanta Witch (1965)


  1. I'm afraid all of the Phantom comics in my collection (some of which are featured on The Dad Who Walks) consist of paper and ink, and occasionally staples.

    Low-tech? Yes. Old fashioned? Certainly.

    Archaic, even...

  2. You can download virtually all the Phantom dailies until about year 2000 using uTorrent. PirateBay has virtually all of them and has been highly reliable for me.


    Of course, nothing substitutes for the "real deal" hold-in-your-hand stuff that collectors like Anthony are lucky to own :-)

  3. In my case, you're probably right.. I built up my collection as a kid -- starting with a couple of Phantoms inherited from my Dad, who also collected them as a boy. I can only really enjoy the comics as originally printed, on newsprint, and the cheaper the better :-)