18 April, 2010

Just recently in Dunedin...

...some autumn pictures ranging from the 28th of March to the 11th of April.

Ramshackle house on a hill. That's the Harbour Cone in the distance.

Rock wall, with the helping hand of Man in evidence.

An alluring entrance.

Batting cage at the Kaikorai football club sportsground.

A true Dunedin icon, like the Arthur Barnett store itself.

Autumn leaves in the neighbourhood.

On the rocks: early morning sunshine.

Lynn Street - no. 2.

Laying down on the job.

The reason Dunedin people are so fit - no. 2.

Another of those incredibly steep Dunedin stops.

Great King and Hanover.



  1. I'm glad! Thanks, Dave. The beauty of our town keeps catching me by surprise, so hopefully I have captured some of that.