02 April, 2010

The Phantom 33: Why didn't they say so?

This reminds me of my brother, who is around six feet tall and lean, with muscles from weight training. He drives a nice old V8 car (which he restored himself because he's a top mechanic), and he has a good job in management.

A man of sober habits, he has two beautiful teenage daughters and is a great dad. To top it all off, some say he is almost as good-looking as me, but there's really no need to make such ridiculous claims about him.

The simple fact is that he is single. How that can be, I'm not sure. But where do you find a good wife these days? The jungle chiefs seem to know...

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Wilson McCoy


  1. I guess this was all before e-Harmony.com.

  2. Aaron, what gets me is the sheer number of women dying to hook up with a guy who wears tights, lives in a cave decorated with human skulls, hangs around with pygmies, and sleeps on a mat next to a wolf........

  3. The answer is obvious. David needs to start wearing tights.