01 May, 2010

The Phantom 34: On guard, Devil.

Some time ago, I wrote about "the importance of Devil as The Phantom's confidant, comrade-in-arms, and right-hand man. (Or right-hand wolf, if you prefer.)"

The Phantom has proven time and again his mastery of the urban environment; yet, equally proven is how much his continued survival depends upon the faithful Devil.

It's a dangerous life, but the relationship is not entirely one-sided. More than once, The Ghost Who Walks has risked everything to save Devil.

And Devil gets to travel the world, having all sorts of adventures, when he's not running alongside The Phantom's horse in the jungle or chasing rabbits.

Thanks to Devil, the thugs of the disgraced General Bababu fail in their attempt to kill The Phantom. It's only a short time later that Devil gets the chance to save his master again, as they trail General Bababu's daughter, Lila.

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Sy Barry


  1. Devil rocks! Although he seldom looks like a wolf. I'm really enjoying his depiction by Rex the Wonder Dog in the 1943 movie serial.

  2. It's like torture, these tantalising excerpts of the comics. It's all very well if you have a spare room full of the things, but for us mere mortals, it's hell! I want to now spend the afternoon reading them.

  3. Well, we could put a stack of them on my dining room table one afternoon, then make some coffee and read some..