01 March, 2010

The Phantom 32: Meet me if you can.

This post is a companion piece to The Phantom 8: Just going for a stroll from a year ago, in which I described "two deceitful women: one crooked and the other downright treacherous".

The Ghost Who Walks has already dealt with the crooked one, which leaves the worse of the two...

The Machiavellian behaviour of a manipulative mother constitutes a special kind of evil, and -- in some ways -- despite all the challenges they would go on to face together, Diana and Kit never tackled an enemy more formidable than Mother.

Realising how serious Diana's relationship with The Phantom has become, Mother decides to go into action, "for Diana's own good".

Diana travels to Marseilles to meet Kit at the appointed time -- accompanied by Mother, who knows very well that The Phantom has been delayed and will not be on the boat.

In the face of Diana's faith that Kit is still coming for her, Mother decides to elicit more of a commitment to the cause from her companion, Doctor Ned.

Like most women of her type, Mother has a subservient male as an ally. Despite feelings of guilt, the spineless Ned goes along with her schemes.

After Diana, Mother, and Ned have departed on a ship bound for the United States, Kit arrives in Paris, and a desk clerk gives him the note.

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Ray Moore


  1. Well, that was frustrating! Thanks for posting this. It's fun to see the really early stuff.

  2. Cheers, Aaron. This is "early stuff" in more ways than one... This storyline appeared in the first Phantom comic book I ever owned. You'd think the ending would have put me off at such a young age, but no...