12 February, 2010

Around and about in the last week or so

Trick rider Blake Fox at the Brighton Gala Day.

Cherubs around the fountain, some real and some imagined.

A view from Corrie Street, with the harbour and peninsula way in the distance.

No. 62 in the hills of Wakari.

View from a bedroom window.

Moto Guzzi... and Mt Cargill in the background.

This way.

Early morning in the Lower Botanic Garden.

Botanic Garden sprinkler.

Grandstand at Mosgiel.

Living in this region is such a pleasure. I need lots of air and lots of space.

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  1. I recognise that Grandstand. Was there a year ago at the South Island Masters Champs. Dunedin put on a delightful day for us.