05 November, 2010

Hills, Hikes, and Views

This is me in the hills, a half-hour's walk above Dunedin City.
(Photograph by my brother.)

Looking across to the harbour from the grounds of Larnach Castle.

My brother on the Pineapple Track.

Jubilee Park.


  1. Enjoyed the pictures of Pineapple track/Flagstaff area. We are fortunate to live in such a scenic place with "wilderness" on our back door step. The Harbour is amazingly beautiful where ever you view it from. I rode my bike to Aromoana last Monday night and could have taken a photo at every bend.

  2. Fortunate is right. And I know what you mean about the photos... If I stopped at every place I wanted to take a photo, it would take me a week to get across town. Compared with most other places in the world, we live in a paradise.

  3. Goes to show you dont have to leave home to see beautiful scenic sights!! Its so nice to have places to hike and walk in our back yard. Glad to see you are out and about.

  4. Cheers, Nyle. As I once said on here, I need lots of air and lots of space... so I'm never away from the hills for long.
    - Anthony