01 May, 2009

The Phantom 14: Is there trouble in here?

From the Outlaw Bikers' Manual (Revised Edition, 1972):

Pop quiz.
1. If your gang is terrorising the staff of an isolated highway diner, and a big man wearing a trenchcoat and dark glasses walks in, accompanied by a wolf, should you:

(a) Straighten the furniture you have messed up, politely thank the waitress, pay your bill, then leave in a quiet and orderly fashion; or

(b) Continue to manhandle the waitress, hassle the new customer, steal from the cash register, and beat up the owner?

Think carefully before referring to the quiz answer in part two.

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Sy Barry

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  1. Anthony you have to put the rest up. Have some pity.