13 December, 2008

The Phantom 5: They belong to all mankind.

King Arthur's sword, Excalibur; Roland's sword, Durandal; a model ark made from the wood of Noah's Ark; the asp that bit Cleopatra; Caesar's laurel crown; the diamond drinking cup of Alexander the Great; Hamlet written in Shakespeare's own handwriting; the great ring of Nebuchadnezzar; the necklace of Nefertiti; the lyre of Homer...

Just some of the amazing historical artifacts housed in The Phantom's "Major Treasure Room."

It's natural to wonder why The Ghost Who Walks is always so open to the idea of strangers visiting the Treasure Room. It seems as though he is putting the collection at risk, what with all the swindlers and thieves who have tried over the years to steal something.

Indeed, on this particular occasion, the dimwitted Professor, thanks to diligent research and a lot of luck, has unwittingly led the unscrupulous Captain right to the Skull Cave in the Deep Woods, and the Major Treasure Room.

However, this story helps us to understand The Phantom's attitude. As he says to the Professor, he is the caretaker of the treasures, not the owner...

The Ghost Who Walks is happy for genuine visitors to view the collection. But, if you come with dishonourable intentions, you will come to a sticky end.

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Sy Barry

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