29 October, 2008

The Phantom 1: Spank me if you dare!

In our day and age, when this sort of juvenile delinquent is terrifying the meek and making the streets unsafe for the respectable, it is up to The Phantom to demonstrate the possibilities of old-fashioned child discipline.

WRITER: Lee Falk

ARTIST: Wilson McCoy


  1. Enough. I am laughing out loud. To think if the Phantom ran the world, not just the jungle. There would be world peace,and plenty of food, and not to mention my favourite, spanking of nephews and neices to mold them into good citizens. Tubby

  2. - "if the Phantom ran the world"

    We can only dream, Tubby...

  3. I just noticed the Phantom said he would spank them both. You have to remove these things from the internet. Spanking a child is one thing, spanking someone else's wife is another. Only the Phantom could do such a thing in all innocence. Although I think she is hoping to be spanked, to understand.....